G.U.M. Feature

In last week’s post Blog Loving, I mentioned that learning to blog has included a ton of reading and connecting with the other awesome people of the Internet. This week, the team from the blog Growing Up Millennial (akak G.U.M.) reached out to me and asked if I want to be featured in a list of avid young bloggers. Of course I said yes, and the feature just went up today!

G.U.M. is a great resource for people of my age because they’re constantly reblogging content, which makes for good exposure for bloggers and vloggers, and some really good reading material.

“Our goal is to help others to interact, reblog and even collaborate on sites and projects,” the G.U.M. team told me in an email.

A huge thank you goes to the G.U.M. team for the shout out and the ever-changing yet always interesting stream of content.

Check it all out here.


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