Eight Great Things

In lieu of a Five for Friday post this week, here are some links to articles, businesses, and blogs that have been on my radar lately.

This very important and informative piece from the New York Times highlights the reality of depression, suicide and other mental health issues in college. Congratulations to these writers for compiling such an honest (and necessary) piece.

In other news, Vanity Fair just published the 2015 International Best Dressed List. It is dotted with notable stars from Taylor Swift (whose favorite scent is of course Incredible Things, by Taylor Swift) to Amal Clooney (who is pictured in an “artisanal” gown) to Eddie Redmayne (whose style icon is, adorably, his father), plus many more beautiful humans with great style.

And once you’re done looking through all those glamorous photos, check out Bloom2Bloom for another bright spot in your week. Every flower purchase benefits a charity, and through August, proceeds will provide school supplies to classrooms throughout the U.S. Flowers never fail to make me smile, and this is such a unique way to give them!

I found out about the company via Cait Weingartner’s instagram. Cait is the brilliant blond behind the new-to-me blog Pretty and Fun. I’m pretty sure the blog’s title speaks for itself here, but everything she posts really is pretty and fun and so worth spending many hours meandering through the archives.

I recently found another new-to-me Instagram-er that I’m pretty obsessed with. Gretchen Roehrs uses food to make incredible works of art that look like prints from a sketch book — plus delicious food! I seriously want prints of these for my dorm this semester.

And speaking of art, visit this lovely page for 25 free coloring patterns that will make you say “I swear I’m a grown up.”  I’m definitely going to print some before the school year starts to stash away for stressful times.

I’ve also been looking into DIY sugar scrub recipes — I’ve been feeling crafty lately. I’m going to attempt to use coconut oil and essential oils to make a summer-scented, skin-smoothing jar of loveliness. This recipe looks like a promising starting point and I will update as soon as I am successful.

In the meantime, happy weekend!



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