DIY Sugar Scrub


This three-ingredient scrub is just the DIY beauty project you’ve been looking for, trust me! You can whip this one up in just a few minutes using items that are probably already in your pantry. And just think of the gifting possibilities!

I was inspired by this recipe, which calls for 2 cups of sugar and only a tablespoon of coconut oil. I opted for less sugar and more coconut oil, and the resulting concoction not only makes my hands feel amazingly smooth, but it also works great as an in-shower lotion. The measurements listed below made enough to fill two small jelly jars, but I recommend playing around with the ingredients until you find the consistency and the amount you’re looking for. Start out with a tablespoon of coconut oil and a half cup of sugar and then add from there.

You will need: 

2 tablespoons of coconut oil

1 cup of sugar 

Essential oil (optional)

Food coloring (optional)


Coconut oil, fine sugar, and apple blossom essential oil

How it’s done:

1. Mix the coconut oil and sugar together in a small mixing bowl. After they are thoroughly combined, test the scrub’s consistency by using it on your hands.

2. Once you’ve achieved your desired texture, add in the essential oil and food coloring. I used an apple flavored oil (found in the candle making section of most craft stores) and just two drops of red food coloring. For a more natural scrub, try using juice from a grapefruit or lemon.

My finished product
My finished product

My finished product is smooth like a lotion, but has an exfoliating texture from the sugar, too. I also used a few drops of an apple blossom essential oil (one of my favorites for fall) and two drops of red food coloring. I think I’ll try an all-natural version next, with a little more sugar, for an even better texture. This is an easy afternoon project you’ll be dying to tell your friends about.


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