About Me, Revisited

This weekend, I did a minimal amount of digging into the life of New York Times journalist turned NYT bestselling author, Stephanie Clifford. Clifford is the author of the acclaimed novel, Everybody Rise, which exploded on the blogosphere upon its release last month. Naturally, I just had to get my hands on a copy and jumped on the opportunity when I saw it on sale at Target.

I have now almost finished the book, and I can say that it absolutely deserves all the praise it has gotten. It’s an easy, fast, funny, Gossip Girl-esque read for grown ups. What’s not to love, right?

While reading this book, I felt inclined to do some reading on Clifford herself. I went to her website and found her bio. I was inspired by the chuckle-worthy format she used and, upon further consideration, realized that I really hate “about me” pages (although I recently gave mine a facelift. Check it out). So often, I try to present this polished version of myself that usually include a line about loving pink, writing and coffee. While pink, writing and coffee are all central aspects of my life, there’s more to that story.

So here’s my version of a Clifford-esque bio…

Official version:

Ellie Hartleb is a student journalist in Washington, D.C. Her work, ranging in nature from arts and culture to parenting to health, has appeared in Washington Parent magazine and online for National Public Radio. Ellie is in her third year as an undergraduate at American University, and plans to graduate with a degree in journalism, education studies, and sociology. She is highly involved in the School of Communication as a member of the student newspaper, The Eagle, and the School of Communication Ambassadors program. After graduation, she hopes to remain in D.C. as a full time writer, blogger and social media producer.

My amendments:

I accept the fact that my chosen profession (and its accompanying minors) will probably not yield vast amounts of money until much later in life (even this is wishful thinking), but thank you for your reassuringly raised brows. Most of my life is consumed by school and nannying for families in the area, but when I’m not doing these things I enjoy exploring the city by bike and eating really good food on a college budget. I live in an on-campus apartment-style dorm room with fake hard wood floors that are usually covered in clothes. I also have a fake hard wood desk covered in Very Important Scraps of Paper that contribute to an overall Gigantic Pile of Awful that I always means to organize, but never do. The idea of post-graduation life is a terrifying one, but hopefully it will include some semblance of independent adulthood here in this fabulous city that’s usually fast asleep by 10:00. To make my day, put anything in grayscale, buy me ice cream or flowers, or tell me that you, too, have a grandparent-ly love of sudoku puzzles and crosswords. Biologically, I’m the short, stout, introverted product of a chemical engineer and some sort of education administrator. I also have an undying love for my two infinitely cool little brothers, and hope that someday I can inherit this coolness as a product of spending obscene amounts of time on the occasions for which I return to my little hometown in western PA.


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