Welcome! I’m Ellie and I’m so glad you’re here. I’m a huge fan of iced coffee, ice cream, striped tee shirts, great journalism, lifestyle blogs and weekend afternoons spent exploring D.C.’s food scene. I love learning and I started this website to centralize my writing and to give myself a platform to be more creative more often.

Some highlights from my reporting are below:

University President Sylvia Burwell Kicks Off Tenure With Listening Tour — published by The Eagle in July 2017

Kids Play While You Work: Innovative Childcare at Play, Work or Dash — published by Washington Parent magazine in June 2017

The Secret Lives of D.C.’s Feral Cats — Published by NBC Washington in July 2016

AU Takes Months to Pay Students for Cancelling Housing — Published by The Eagle in December 2016

Arena Stage’s Local Twist in ‘Oliver!’ — Published by Washington Parent in October 2015

Hispanics May Think They Can’t Get Skin Cancer, But They’re Wrong — Published by NPR Shots in September 2015

Photo: My brother and I visiting D.C.’s Union Market in July 2017.


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